All the cryptocurrencies that have been listed here, have a great ability to appreciate in the coming months. The analysis was made taking the strengths and weaknesses of each cryptocurrency and made a great structuring of situations that the market may have in the coming months.

When we talk about the opportunity to get “rich” with a cryptocurrency, we are looking for those that can have a “exploded” price, going up 10x, 50x and in some cases even 100x higher.

Importantly, most studies done by analysts suggest that these opportunities are linked to new cryptocurrencies. But you shouldn’t go out investing in any new cryptocurrency that appears, you should have a study and see the planning, and the entire project structure.

Stay tuned, don’t throw your money away on weak projects.

Below is a list of 5 of these cryptocurrencies that analysts suggest are poised to rise a lot in the coming months.

The last week, was relatively bullish for the traditional market as well as cryptocurrencies as BTC rebounded to as higher as $22,500. The total crypto market cap resumed its upward trend, but weekend blues pulled down BTC’s price and the global crypto market cap.

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* Based on total revenues, InvestmentNews, June 2018.

Over the last few months, investors have constantly been concerned that the US and the global economy is weakening towards recession. Thus, market participants are steering clear of risky assets.

On a daily chart, BTC’s price saw a green candle for six consecutive days alongside a rising relative strength index (RSI). A rising RSI indicates buying pressure rising in the market as buyers dominate the scene.

Daily RSI highlighted that until July 8, buyers gained strength in the market, however, bears defended the $22,500 resistance with their might reversing the bullish momentum. This week, BTC’s trajectory could be crucial to watch as larger market gains would depend on the top coin’s track.

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Owing to the recent gains, many in the market believed that BTC’s price bottom was in, however, CryptoQuant analysts cautioned investors and traders to ‘be careful.’

Notably, the High Leverage Ratio shows that the crypto market is still moving by futures market.

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