The perception of the need for financial education has grown a lot in recent years. It was in this context that the term Business Intelligence (BI) emerged. As a result, according to Instituto Locomotiva, about 41% of Brazilians have increased their research into the topic. 

But what exactly is BI and how important is it in our lives? It is precisely to answer this question that we brought this article today. Understand now why this topic has been commented positively in the various spaces of society.

BI basically studies a company’s data and creates solutions to evolve its reality. It has a simple and sensible reason: to provide a comprehensive view of what is working and what isn’t in the organization. It’s the strength a company needs to embrace data science.

By optimizing results, BI is also seen as an important point to guide investments.
We interviewed Daniel Valenti, automation engineer graduated from Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC-BR), and responsible for data intelligence at BIX Tecnologia for over 6 years. We call him Chapter BI. 

Read on to find out what Daniel clarified in the interview about BI, and its intrinsic relationship with financial investments.

The purpose of investing in Business Intelligence of the company. 

Daniel says that the company that doesn’t invest in BI is more than outdated. It is essential for any company these days to understand its own data intelligence for better results.

According to him, BI exists exactly to increase the growth of a business. Business Intelligence is meant to positively change what may be going wrong. It’s a key, basically. 

In addition, Daniel Valenti believes that investing in BI shows exactly where you need to act at that moment. What are you spending with your company? Where is this expense coming from? He says that everything in the company must be geared towards profits. “You don’t want to spend money for nothing, right?”. 

So, with BI you can avoid unnecessary expenses. A dream, isn’t it? 

The connection between Business Intelligence and Financial Investment

In the interview, we asked if the Chapter BI made any kind of financial investment. After all, Business Intelligence It’s about applying correctly and making money, isn’t it?

So, he told us that since he was seven years old, he’d spent almost nothing from his allowance. He preferred to keep it and put it in his piggy bank. His father was also very financially organized, which helped him a lot. 

In the past, he kept his money in savings accounts. Since 2016, when he joined BIX, he has been making several investments with the help of broker XP. “Over the past three years, I have invested in equity, LCI, LCA, mutual funds and bitcoins.”

After all, he clarifies that the relationship between BI and financial investments takes place precisely in the need and ability to optimize applications and decisions. You need constant vigilance in your business to ensure better results.

In short, you need to organize yourself financially to know how much and where to invest. That way, you reach your dreamed financial control.

Regarding business organization, Daniel Valenti highlights that it is necessary to understand how much is spent and how much is received. Therefore, BI can be unraveled by an Excel spreadsheet and needs to be organized.

Finally, he clarifies that it may be necessary to invest in order to have access to BI. However, this is an initial measure that will avoid losses and leverage your profits.

“You need to save money and invest in the right place. BI can be an expense of a tool that has a high cost. However, that will definitely save the holes. Where can you invest more to have stability, etc.”

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