After a long time searching for solutions, Tik Tok announced that it negotiated with Oracle Ink. the storage of American data. 

Tik Tok is one of the largest social networks in the world, with its largest market in the United States. The Chinese company, however, has encountered resistance from the US Government since the membership became widespread. 

That’s because China and the United States are economic rivals and also have their political differences. The allegations would be that there would be communication between the owners of TikTok and the Chinese government, which could lead to an improper release of user data.

The negotiations had been going on for a long time. The United States government had already declared that the network would be excluded from the reach of Americans if there were no measures by Tik Tok to regulate this issue in order to provide confidence, to the government and to users.

TikTok positioning and Oracle Inc.

Oracle Inc. is an American cloud data storage giant, and was the company chosen to store Americans’ data on TikTok.

Previously, information was stored in databases in Virginia backed up in Singapore. This structure will now be deactivated and the information will be exclusively in charge of Oracle Inc.

Concern about American data began in the Trump era. At the time, there was an order to suspend downloads of TikTok and WeChat apps, both Chinese. The issue was assuaged in the Biden era, ending the discussion about banning downloads.

Data policy and national security

To increase the confidence of American rulers, TikTok created the USDS. It is a department within TikTok made exclusively to take care of the issue of Americans’ information, and which is managed by the company’s highest executive.

The transfer of American data security to Oracle Inc. takes this role away from Bite Dance, one of China’s biggest data startups. The very creation of USDS already surrounded the company’s influence quite a bit.

Thus, TikTok demonstrates with the measures its intention to remain in the American market despite the possible differences that countries may have among themselves. The greatest concern of the United States refers to the military and intelligence sectors.

The USDS measures include, among other things, content moderation and even its own engineering to create an autonomous American data storage system.

Even though the measures to exclude Chinese apps proposed by Trump were removed under the Biden administration, the US Department of Commerce has been developing rules to regulate the operation of foreign apps in the country, especially with regard to data security.

Thus, banning applications is no longer the only possible solution. Even so, those applications that do not meet the requirements can be excluded from the American market. The US government understands that the availability of data by users could pose risks to national security.

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