Brazilian leads research on fish species in the depths of the ocean

Study at the bottom of the sea discovers a new species of fish dubbed Rose-Veiled Fairy Wrasse, or pink veiled wrasse, which draws attention for the amount of colors. The species has the scientific name Cirrhilabrus finifenmaa and is found in the depths of the ocean, about 40 to 70 meters below the surface.  The […]

Game can help recovery from cerebrovascular accident 

Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is the medical emergency that kills the most in Brazil and causes disability in the world. Stroke results from a change in blood flow in the brain, caused by an obstruction of blood vessels (ischemic stroke) or by a rupture of the vessels (hemorrhagic stroke).  Seeking to help in the effective recovery […]

Use of TikTok in Brazil

Research shows that TikTok is the most used social network by children and adolescents in Brazil. A survey was carried out by the Regional Center for Studies for the Development of the Information Society ( to catalog and understand the profile of users aged 9 to 17 who use the Internet in Brazil.  The survey, […]

NASA’s Artemis 1 lunar mission is ready for launch next week

Next Monday (29), NASA will launch the Artemis I mission, starting the ambitious project of returning to the Moon and placing the first permanent base on another celestial body.  Even if unmanned, Artemis I is essential to the program, as it will be used to test essential technologies for future missions, such as the Orion […]

Bachelet’s trip to China sparks conflicts with activists

After 15 years, UN Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet’s trip to China sparked conflicts with some activists in the Xinjiang region. According to the commissioner, the trip was not for investigative purposes against minority peoples, but to better understand what is happening directly with the Chinese authorities. Xinjiang is a territory that is suffering repression […]

Is it possible to be resistant to Covid-19?

Is it possible to be resistant to Covid-19? Well, according to some researchers, there are some people who have not yet been infected with Covid-19. This group of people are called super-resistant to the virus. The study shows which signs and factors lead these people to not have been infected by SARS-Cov2-2. According to it, […]