Netflix rethinks strategies after drop and increases investment in production franchises

Netflix has revolutionized the way of consuming entertainment around the world in the recent past. The movement has disrupted the complexity of Hollywood, established decades ago and thought to be untouchable. The streaming service has become the new way to watch movies, series and cartoons. For consumers, costs have been drastically reduced when compared to […]

German dependence on Russian gas and the risk of supply disruption

The war between Russia and Ukraine has revealed many side effects besides the destruction of Ukrainian territory and the countless loss of life. The West’s stance in favor of Ukraine and against Russia has raised doubts about the fate of trade relations between the countries. Despite the political disagreement, Russia is today the biggest supplier […]

UK government succession and tax situation

After Boris Johnson’s resignation from the highest post in the British government, moves began for the election of his successor.  In the race, there are 11 candidates, but there are three main names nominated by the conservative party: Rishi Sunak, former finance minister, Liz Truss, deputy who led the foreign affairs portfolio, and Penny Mordaunt, […]

EU Chip Act: France announces construction of factory in Crolles

The speed with which technologies are advancing and, mainly, the integration of the possibilities of new products and services has created a codependency between the different sectors of the world’s industry. A perfect example of this process is what happens with the chip and semiconductor industry. With the advent of multifunctional apps in cars, real […]

Economy minister’s resignation demonstrates the weakness of the Argentine government

The economic crisis in Argentina is nothing new. For years, the country has been walking a tightrope to try to contain inflation, which has devastated the lives of many citizens in recent years. However, it appeared that stability was being achieved by the administration of Economy Minister Martin Guzmán, under President Alberto Fernández, which began […]

How do economic initiatives improve the country’s financial market?

One way to understand how economic initiatives improve the country’s financial market is to know the paths that measures can open up. Examples of this are the construction of a good public and the application of economic policies. The case of Brazil After a health crisis like Covid-19, Brazil has gone through many difficult moments. […]

EU sets new rules for trading cryptocurrencies

The circulation of money through cryptocurrencies since their inception has taken place without very precise regulation. In fact, the creation of digital money has in its essence the intention to remain apart from the common market and especially from the regulation of the states. It is for this reason that it is possible to buy […]

China accumulates credit with emerging countries

The strength of the Chinese economy is nothing new. As a result, the country’s availability of resources has been building a new position: that of a creditor to emerging countries. Borrowing from rich countries is a strategy that poor or developing countries have been applying for years. In many cases, the debt is not necessarily […]

Oil market reflects global crisis

So far, 2022 has been a year of great political and economic instability. It is possible to say that all countries have had to position themselves and promote policies to contain damage in the face of recent events. The highlight goes to the war between Russia and Ukraine, which moves the whole world directly or […]