Tesla invested in sustainability by creating a virtual power plant in Japan, which values innovation and new ways of using energy. Last Friday, the company said it was installing a type of battery in homes on Miyako-jima island, called Powerwall. For now, the technology is also present in California and Australia.

According to research, this type of virtual power plant uses solar panels. People who have this type of requirement in their homes can open a call to be able to participate in the return of extra energy. The company already has virtual power plants in two countries, but it also wants to expand into Texas.

After all, what is Tesla?

Tesla is a company that is focused on electric cars and is also recognized for revolutionizing the world of transportation. Today, the company belongs to Elon Musk, holding the position of CEO.

Elon Musk is known for being one of the biggest entrepreneurs and billionaires in the world. He works in several areas, from neurotechnology to aerospace projects.

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According to the Forbes 2021 ranking, Musk has an estimated net worth of $151 billion. He became famous by joining the millionaires list before the age of 30.

The global rise of the internet led Elon Musk, along with his brother Kimbal Musk, to create a geolocation company called Global Link. Their services were similar to those offered by Google Maps today. These days, Musk owns numerous companies and stocks in addition to Tesla.

And about the future?

Well, currently in California, people can receive up to two dollars for every kWh consumed from the grid in cases of high demand. The energy source being sustainable and virtual, also carries a positive point for society.

In addition, Tesla is planning to expand this type of virtual and sustainable market by the end of 2023, mainly across the islands between Japan and Taiwan. In addition, companies that focus on the sustainable movement are more supported and are able to have an even greater relevance within the market and work with the ODS from the United Nations (ONU). 

Companies that work with sustainability in Brazil:

These are the types of companies that work with sustainability in Brazil:

1- Natura

2- Grupo Boticário

3- Itaú

4- Unilever 

In addition, in the face of technology reinventing itself every day, BlockStream and Block announced last Friday (08), a cryptocurrency miner that will be powered by solar energy and Tesla batteries. The project’s main objective is to show that Bitcoin (BTC) mining can be done 100% with renewable energy.

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The businessmen’s project is both technological and sustainable development. At the financial market level, showing data publicly and off-grid makes the expansion of solar energy and cryptocurrencies trending topics.

This type of action is very enriching for both society and the fulfillment of the 2030 agenda, which remains in focus to make a more sustainable world without much damage in the future.

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